Wildflower Wall Art

Wildflower Wall Art is completely customizable to each individual’s taste. These high high-resolution wildflower photographs can be printed on several mediums including high quality art paper, gallery board, canvas, metal, glass and wood. There are several presentation options, which include framing, acrylic finish, floating mounts, curved edges and bay boxes, among others. There are several surface finishes available as well.

Framed Wall Art ExampleFramed Wall Art Example

Wildflower Wall Art is completely customizable to your design needs. The chart below provides the price of common standard sizes for different print media. If your design requires something not listed, please call or message me and I will get you a custom price.

Prices for Basic Prints. Prices Are In US dollars and Do Not Include Shipping and Taxes.

Print Size Art Paper Gallery Board Metal Acrylic Canvas
4x6 - 45.00 40.00 67.00 70.00
5x7 - 47.00 48.00 72.00 70.00
8x10 54.00 50.00 65.00 94.00 75.00
16x24 85.00 - 147.00 170.00 135.00
20x30 116.00 - 195.00 213.00 177.00
24x30 124.00 - 238.00 287.00 201.00
24x36 135.00 - 276.00 291.00 224.00

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